We Make It Easy For You: Buy Diamonds With Cryptocurrency

We Make It Easy For You: Buy Diamonds With Cryptocurrency

The Crypto Revolution

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular method of payment around the world. Originally known only within the science community, it has become a mainstream global currency exchanged in virtually every nation around the globe. What’s more, you can buy diamonds with it! In this article, we will take a look at cryptocurrency, what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to buy jewelry. We will also look at how cryptocurrency has affected the diamond industry.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is what is known as virtual currency (money that is only available digitally). It is protected by cryptography, insuring users against double-spending and forfeiting. Most cryptocurrencies are based on blockchains, which are record-keeping databases that are chained together. These online currencies are not government-issued, and they are generally protected from state interference. Furthermore, multiple computers globally distribute cryptocurrencies, meaning that they exist completely outside of any government and only on the internet.

Cryptocurrencies are especially attractive because they simplify online money transfers between two parties, bypassing banks and credit card companies. When you make a transaction, tokens are transferred into the payee’s wallet the way one would transfer “normal” money into a bank account. The main difference is that the fees are significantly lower than what you would pay at a bank.

How to Get Cryptocurrency

You can buy cryptocurrency with PayPal, your credit or debit card, cash, or money transfer. Not all websites accept the same payment methods, so make sure that you check the specific site’s payment method before using it. Different sites also have different fees, so remember to keep that in mind as well.

There are also ways to earn free tokens online, such as by completing surveys.

Crypto Wallets

Wallets work in the same way a bank account does, as this is where you keep your tokens. There are three types of wallets, each coming with its own level of safety and accessibility. Online wallets are the easiest to set up, but they are also the least secure. Software wallets work on apps and are safer than online wallets. Hardware wallets work in a separate device that you plug into your laptop via USB port and are by far the safest option.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you exchange your local currency for cryptocurrency. They work similarly to exchange shops you would find in an airport where you can trade money for another country’s currency, except these traders are online. There are various exchanges available, and it’s essential to research them because they all come with different levels of safety and cost. Three of the most commonly-used broker exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, and Coinmama.

Buying Diamonds and Jewelry with Cryptocurrency

Many people are asking, can I buy loose diamonds with cryptocurrency? The answer is yes.

Several jewelers have begun selling diamonds and other pieces of jewelry in exchange for cryptocurrency. Recently, Sotheby’s sold a 101.38-carat pear-shaped diamond for $12.3 million in cryptocurrency in Hong Kong. The supposed reason behind this shift is believed to be the number of tokens people have been earning online through other business ventures, giving them money to spend.

Due to the strengthening dollar, many American gold miners have lost a fifth of their market value in 2021. Diamonds, which had been in sharp decline until recently, have risen by 35%. This seems to indicate that they have once more become valuable assets.

Diamonds have more than just ornamental value as they are used by construction companies to drill holes in metals and stone.

Buyers can purchase items on the companies’ websites and pay with tokens in the checkout area. Be careful, though, as some customers report encountering a number of online scams. Each company is different, so be sure to check beforehand.

Diamond Purity and Ethics

An ongoing struggle in the diamond industry is determining the authenticity of gems on sale. People often try to sell synthetic stones as the real thing, thereby defrauding buyers. De Beers, the largest diamond producer in the world, has been working over the years to strengthen efforts to combat this issue as well as ensuring that they aren’t buying the stones from regions where people are using them to fuel conflict between political factions.

De Beers claims that blockchains strengthen these efforts to make the industry more transparent, ethical, and safe. Because blockchains work as a public ledger of sorts and are very difficult to hack, they make criminal activity hard to pull off.

Other Jewelry

Jewelry and blockchain also have a growing relationship. Some jewelers offer custom-made jewelry online. Once the customer is happy with their design, the jeweler sends them a custom payment link. You can also use cryptocurrency to pay for jewelry that is already available on the store website.


Yes, you can buy luxury diamonds with bitcoin. Cryptocurrency and diamonds have both been surging in popularity over the last few years, and their joined surge seems to be quite timely. With cryptocurrency becoming a legitimate source of wealth and diamonds once again becoming viable investments, many people have been looking into the prospect. Additionally, experts claim that blockchains can assist in making the industry more ethical and honest. Other jewelry, including bespoke pieces, can also be purchased in this way.

While a number of high-profile diamond cryptocurrency investments have been made, it is of utmost importance to research the market and the people you are buying from, as scams also take place.